Keiwa Fine Material Co., Ltd.

Mastering Materials

50th anniversary

In 2018, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of our company.
We are deeply grateful to our customers, suppliers, and everyone whose support made this auspicious event possible.
We are commemorating this milestone by changing our company name from "Keiwa Rozai" to "Keiwa Fine Material."
Our new company name retains the name "Keiwa," which expresses the spirit of our founding. At the same time, our new name also conveys our mission for the coming generation, which is to continue to develop and supply fine materials that satisfy our customers' needs.
We hope you will continue to support Keiwa Fine Materials as we strive to continue to evolve as a professional material development business.

Our company supplies materials
needed by factories in many industries.

Uses of raw materials Building materials Electronic parts Steel Fertilizers Ceramic tiles Fire bricks Alloys
The materials we supply are used to manufacture many products which are part of our daily lives including building materials, steel, fertilizers, ceramics, cement, and electronic parts.
Since our founding in 1968, we have developed mines around the world and sent our own personnel to lead the search for superior resources.
Our major strength is our ability to develop and propose materials optimized for our customers' needs by combining our global procurement capability with our superior processing technologies - the fruit of long years of experience and many creative innovations. Adapting quickly to change, we can flexibly and promptly respond to all requests.

Keiwa Quality: Constantly challenging ourselves in material development

Brand Statement
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A technology-based business
that maximizes the potential of materials and takes on the challenges of the future

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